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My Guests’ stories chapter

This is a new chapter on my Blog. As I would like to create a platform where people could share their memories or experience related to travels, I have decided to open this chapter for my guests.

Everyone who has an interesting story to share, everyone who wants to share some remarkable pictures from anywhere in the world – can use this place and post on my blog. Please note that profile of this blog is to share travel experience and give some good hints to the others who would like to follow our steps. Everyone who wish to share their stories, can use


I will not post anything for those who run their own travel blogs, for those who already have shared their stories somewhere else in the internet, I will also not publish any personal pictures.

Please also note that profile of my blog is non-commercial, and I do not earn and do not pay any money for publishing.  Everyone who will ask me to post his story – will have to sign the “Author’s permission to publish” form. I also require signing declaration, that any intellectual property rights are belonging to the author and does not infringe any third-party rights.

It is also important to understand, that I have the only right to decide by my own which stories I will post on my blog, and for how long I will keep them online. I can also adjust them to the blog format, add my own links or comments. Also, I can resize or adjust your pictures and sign them with my own comments. I can publish travel stories in PL or ENG language only.

Please write to me on my blog (, and leave your email address, so I will be able to answer back.

Let’s have fun together and share our travel experience 🙂

My Guest’s stories

Kazakhstan - the country of the wind
Fabio Brunello: Kazakhstan – the country of the wind






Galapagos Islands - face to face with mother nature
Christian Castaneda: Galapagos Islands – face to face with mother nature