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There are many unusual places on the Earth that I’ve always wanted to visit. For a long time, I was dreaming about faraway journeys, discovering unknown places, getting to know interesting people and admiring the extraordinary beauty of nature. There was a long list created (which is constantly growing) with all of those places that I need to see. Only a few of them I have managed to visit, but all the others are still waiting for me.

The experience already gained inspired me to create this blog, because I want to share with you all my travel impressions and emotions. This blog is all about travels and about planning travels. You will find here descriptions of those places I have already seen with some photo ads. I will share my ideas, experience, some good hints. I would like to expose my assessments and recommendations to the hotels, restaurants and small travel agents – as I hope my opinions will give others the opportunity to make the right decisions. In the end, I will share direct links to those websites, where I found valuable info and will recommend places worth visiting.


I will also write about those places, I am planning to see in the nearest future and try to capture how do I start to plan my trips from scratch. In general – I will write about travels seen with my eyes or via the lenses of my photo camera.

To the English readers – please note that the English language is not my mother tongue, that is why is not perfect and may be full of mistakes. Please accept my apologies and understand that I write it in English to give opportunities to my foreign friends to read my blog. I also would like to be well understood when I write opinions about hotels or travel agents – to give them a chance to read as well.

My name is Beata and welcome to my blog!

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