Zurich – tours outside the city

Zurich - tours outside the city

Zurich offers many opportunities to spend your free time. Undoubtedly, one of them is the possibility of taking advantage of full- and half-day trips, both in and outside the city.

Several local travel agencies in Zurich offer organized tours. Typically, they take place by coach with a local guide on board. Tourist guides fill our time with stories related not only to the visited places but also provide us with interesting facts related to the culture and history of the country.

We have chosen the offer of the “Best of Switzerland Tours” travel agency – the official partner of “Zurich Tourism” and certified holder of the Q-Quality seal of Swiss Tourism. So, we gave a chance to the specialists, hoping that the money invested would turn to us in the form of amazing impressions and unforgettable experiences.

Best of Switzerland Tours – city tours

From a wide range of offers, you can choose between trips taking place in the city of Zurich (from 2 to 5.5 hours), and day trips outside the city (up to 12 hours). All trips start at the “Bus Terminal Silquai” station, which is 5 min. walking distance from the main train station.

Excursions in the city of Zurich take place throughout the whole year. They start between 9.00 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.

The tourist offer includes trips combining travel by bus with travel by ship or by train, with chocolate tasting, and tours with dinner in a restaurant offering an original Swiss cheese fondue. Below are the most interesting ones, for more details, please visit the organizer’s website: Best of Switzerland Tours.

  • The Best of Zurich City Tour – classic city tour which is 2.5 hours long. You can see the famous shopping avenue Bahnhofstrasse, the Old Town, the university quarter with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), as well as the castle-like National Museum and newly renovated Opera House.
  • Zurich with Cruise & Chocolate – classic city tour with Zurich’s most popular sights, combined with a ride uphill by cogwheel train and with a 1-hour lake cruise (the whole trip lasts over 5 hours). During the lake cruise – a short walk to the Lindt Chocolate Shop, where chocolate tasting and shopping souvenirs as possible.

Meier Tours – Gray Line Zurich

Gray Line Zurich is the other tourism company visible on the market in Zurich. The Hans Meier Tourist Ltd was founded in 1954 and is part of “Gray Line Worldwide” which is a world-famous tour operator and coach travel organizer.

The company’s offer also includes short city tours, lasting from 2 to 4.5 hours. Tours start from 9.45 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. Below is a short description of selected half-day trips:

Combo Tour

Combo Tour is a trip that combines an exclusive city tour by bus, with the Uetlibergbahn and travel on the steepest standard-track railway in Switzerland to the “Top of Zurich”, the Uetliberg hill (871 above sea level). From here you can admire a fantastic view over the city, lake, forests and hills to the white peaks of the Alps. The whole trip lasts 4 hours.

Zurich City Tour and Lake Cruise

The most important sight of Zurich in short: The Old Town, business centre and university quarter. Then, there is a scenic road with a great view of the Alps and the lake to Rapperswil, the city of roses. There you can find an XIII century castle with a rose garden and deer park. In the castle, there is a seat at the Polish Historical Museum. The museum was founded in 1870 by Count Władysław Plater to secure Polish historical monuments and propagate Polish interests. In the town, there is a short guided tour and free time.

During the summer months, the way back to Zurich will be on a boat (2 hours cruise). The duration of the whole trip is 4.5 hours. During the winter months, the return trip from Rapperswill is by train, with the route called Goldcoast.

The “Golden Coast” is known for its low tax rates and high real estate prices. The sunny southwestern slopes of the Pfannenstiel are famous for their grape growing. In winter, the trip lasts for 3.5 hours.

Please visit the original website to see more details and to find more offers: Gray Line Zurich.

Zurich – tours outside the city

Both “Gray Line Zurich” and “Best of Switzerland Tours” offer several trips outside the city: both half-day and all-day trips. We participated in two of them, both with the “Best of Switzerland” agency and I will describe them below, but both companies have much more to offer.

Pilatus Mountain – an all-day trip

A trip to Mount Pilatus is an unforgettable adventure. From May to October, the trip is called “The Golden Roundtrip”. Within 9 hours, the tourists cross the route: by coach from Zurich, in a panoramic gondola by super modern aerial cable car “Dragon Ride” to the top of Mount Pilatus, descent on the world’s steepest cogwheel railway to Alpnachstad, sail via the Lake Lucerne back to Lucerne.

Mount Pilatus – a peak covered with clouds

The Pilatus mountain massif is located on the Lake of the Four Forested Settlements and close to the southern panorama visible from Lucerne. The highest elevation in the massif is Pilatus Kulm. It is 2132m high above sea level. The name “Pilatus” is associated with the old legend, according to which Pontius Pilate, a former administrator in Judea, was buried here. Currently, however, it is believed that the name comes from the Latin word “pilateus”, which means “covered with clouds.”

Our tour started at 9.30 in the morning, collecting all passengers at the “Sihlquai” parking lot in Zurich. Onboard the bus, the guide spoke three languages: English, Spanish and German. On the way to Kriens, the guide managed to familiarize us with the short history of the country and tell us about the Swiss economy, income and export branches. He described exactly the purpose of the trip and familiarized us with the entire program of the trip.

Fräkmüntegg station

In Kriens, we took a 4-person cable car with a panoramic view and arrived at the Fräkmüntegg station. This part of the trip took us 18 minutes. Many people get off in this place, as in Fräkmüntegg there is the longest (1350-meter) toboggan run in Switzerland. There is also the Pilatus rope park arranged next to it. At that station we took to the aerial cable gondola (for 55 people), called “Dragon Ride”, and our whole group came together to the top of the Pilatus Kulm mountain.

Switzerland, Pilatus, cable car with a panoramic view

Pilatus – Trail of the Dragon

During nice and sunny weather, from the top of the mountain, you can see countless alpine peaks and a dozen lakes. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee nice weather, so you have to take into account the possibility of a lack of visibility. The name of the summit “covered with clouds” is fully justified, because when we reached the top, the amazing view was obscured by a dense cloud with zero visibility. So we have managed to take a few pictures only.

From this place, you can set off on numerous hiking trips or a short walk along the “Trail of the Dragon” (Drachenweg), leading among others through the gallery carved in the rock.

On the top of Mount Pilatus, you can spot black ravens, which are an attraction itself. Contact with these big birds “eye to eye” made a big impression on me.

Pilatus Kulm

On top of the mountain, there is a large cable car station, 2 hotels (Pilatus Kulm and Bellevue), two restaurants and a souvenir shop. In mid-November, a Christmas market is organized here.

More information about the attractions on Mount Pilatus can be found directly on the Pilatus website. You can also see a very well-prepared map showing all possible means of transport available on Mount Pilatus. The Pilatus map is interactive, combined with accurate tourist information. You can find marked vantage points, and summer and winter attractions on it, and view the online view from the cameras placed on top.

There is a cogwheel railway running down the hill, which has a 48% gradient. The queue descends almost to the edge of the lake, the journey takes about 40 minutes. Along the way – despite the rain and thick fog outside the window – nice views. At the end of this journey, there was a cruise ship waiting for us.

Lake of the Four Forested Settlements (Lake Lucerne)

A journey through the lake is also a very interesting adventure. Lake Lucerne (literally called: Lake of the Four Forested Settlements) is located in the central part of Switzerland and covers an area of 114 km 2. It is the fourth-largest lake in Switzerland. The lake borders with four cantons: Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden and Lucerne. It has a strongly developed coastline with numerous creeks. There are steep mountains around the lake, and some of them rise at the height of even 1500 meters above the level of the lake’s surface.

Travel by boat takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. On the lake, there are over 100-year-old side-wing steamers, which are an attraction themselves. We took one of them. On the way to Lucerne, the ship stops at several marinas, so you can take a closer look at the picturesque towns passed by on the way.

Switzerland, Lake of the Four Forested Settlements, Lake Lucerne


As it is written in tourist guidebooks – “in Lucerne, you can find almost the whole of Switzerland: monuments, a picturesque lake with crystal clear water and mountains rising almost right on the border of the city”.

In Lucerne, we had a shortstop, but we managed to see two important tourist attractions:

  • covered chapel bridge 204 m long, dating from 1332, the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. Originally, the bridge served defensive purposes, but already in the seventeenth century, numerous paintings were created under the roof. They praise the story of Lucerne and the courage of its inhabitants in the struggle for Switzerland’s independence; they also illustrate the lives of saints. At its southern end, there is a tiled, octagonal water tower (Wasserturm), which together with the bridge itself was part of the medieval fortifications. In its time, this tower served as a prison, torture chamber, archive or treasury. The bridge has survived in almost perfect condition for over 650 years, unfortunately, in 1993 a tragic fire almost destroyed this building. A year later, the bridge was rebuilt and made available for visitors, as it remained the most important symbol of the city.
  • a statue of Swiss guardsmen also called the Monument to the Dying Lion (Löwedenkmal). It is a monument depicting a dying lion, dedicated to the guards who died in defence of the French King Louis XVI during the attack of the French revolutionists on the Tuileries Palace in Paris, in August 1792 and to their commander Major von Bachmann. The title of the monument is the words in Latin meaning “loyalty and bravery of the Helvetians”, placed above the cave with an animal.
Switzerland, Lucerne, statue of Swiss guardsmen, monument to the dying lion, Löwedenkmal
monument to the dying lion
Mount Pilatus – a summary

As a summary of the trip, I can only say that it has exceeded our boldest expectations. It was organized in a fully professional manner, with a perfectly filled time. The trip was full of attractions and visual impressions. Beautiful views, close contact with nature, a guide with enormous knowledge and interesting stories – they will remain in my memory for a long time. Honestly, I can recommend both of them: this specific tour to Mt. Pilatus and its organizer.

Switzerland, Mt. Pilatus

Rhine Falls – waterfall on the Rhine River

A half-day trip.

A trip to the waterfall took place on the day of our departure from Zurich. We got on the bus with a suitcase, because the organizer offered a stop at the airport on the way back from the trip. We liked this variant very much and it allowed us to save on the return ticket for the train from the city centre to the airport (prices start from 8,8 Euro).

A trip to the waterfall also ensures an unforgettable experience. Rheinfall is the largest waterfall in Europe in terms of water flow. It is located at the turn of the Rhine in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, in the canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland. The waterfall is quite low, 23 meters high, but its strength and the amount of water flowing through it, arouse amazing respect. The average water flow through the waterfall is 425 thousand litres per second. On the day we visited the waterfall, the water flow was 0.5 million litres of water per second.

Rhine Falls -experience

Our trip departed from Zurich at 9.00 a.m. The bus took us to northern Switzerland, famous for its viticulture, small villages and picturesque landscapes.

On the way to the waterfall, we passed the defence fortress – Munot Fortress, dating from the sixteenth century. The fortress is surrounded today by vineyards and is a symbol of the city of Schaffhausen. The building is a tourist attraction in the region and during the whole year, many tourist attractions take place here.

Switzerland, Munot Fortress
Munot Fortress

Along the way, we also passed the charming town of Marthalem, known for its intact cityscape and beautiful red and white houses, made of half-timbered bricks.

Rhine Falls – Europe’s biggest waterfall

After reaching the waterfall, the guide gave us an hour of free time. At that time, we could take the lift to the marina, from which motorboats sailed with tourists to the waterfall itself. We could also go on foot to the observation deck, where you can view the entire panorama of the waterfall, including its beginning on the Rhine River. You could also spend time in many souvenir shops or visit a nearby castle.

The boat trip

We took the opportunity to take a boat to the waterfall itself. We wanted to experience its power from a close-up and take a closer look at it. The boat trip takes about 20 minutes, but adding the time of the descent with the lift, descent to the marina, waiting for the boat + the cruise itself, it all took us most of our free time (about 45 min).

A motorboat ride in front of the waterfall is amazing adrenaline. The roar of falling water was so deafening that it caused shivers on our skin. Our boat swam in front of the waterfall three times, and each time we felt with what force the waterfall drawing us into the whirl of falling water and with what effort the engine of our boat escaped us from the depths of frothed water. We were all splashed with water – both us and our photographic equipment. Fortunately, the photo equipment was properly secured by us, but the lenses remained wet all the time.

After the boat ride, we still had time to get to the viewing platform and see the waterfall from above.

Above the waterfall, the Laufen castle dominates, the area where there is a restaurant serving seasonal dishes and the highest quality regional products.

On the way back, part of the route took place via Germany (the tour operator recommends taking passports with you). When we were crossing the border – the barriers stood wide open.

As planned, we ended the trip at the airport without the need to return to the city centre.

The trip took us 3.5 hours.

Useful links

Other full-day trips from Zurich

Mount Titlis

Day Trip to Mount Titlis with Aerial Cable Cars from Zurich*. Take the revolving Rotair cable car to the summit of Mt Titlis. Enjoy magnificent views of the Alps from the panoramic terrace. Explore the heart of the glacier in the tunnels of the Glacier Cave. Venture on the Cliff Walk, Europe’s highest suspension bridge. Ride the Ice Flyer chairlift to Glacier Park and go snow tubing.


Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Tour from Zurich*. Visit Jungfrau, which according to an old Swiss tale, is the mountain blessed by an angel. Unveil the mysterious mask of this legendary mountain and marvel at its splendour. Step onto the highest train station in Europe, the famous ‘Top of Europe’. Take the new gondola Eiger Express and enjoy the view from a different angle. Experience the Alpine Sensation tour, and learn how the workers finally built the railways to Jungfraujoch. Visit the UNESCO-listed Aletsch Glacier, and find yourself in awe of the largest glacier in the Alps.

Lucerne and Bürgenstock

Lucerne and Bürgenstock Tour from Zürich*. Enjoy a scenic drive to Central Switzerland with a photo stop en route. Marvel at the main sights of Lucerne during a brief orientation drive. Enjoy time at leisure to stroll the medieval streets of the Old Town. Relax during a boat ride on pristine Lake Lucerne. Take the funicular up to the luxurious Bürgenstock Resort.

Rhine Falls & Zurich City Tour

Day Tour from Zurich: Rhine Falls + Zurich City Tour*. Go on a combination tour featuring Zurich’s best highlights and the largest waterfalls in Europe, Rhine Falls. Explore Zurich City and experience the elegance of Swiss luxury first-hand. Walk through Laufen Castle and experience the nobility of the Barons of Laufen in the medieval period. Hear the roar of the largest waterfalls in Europe and indulge in the magic of nature. Explore Zurich’s Old Town on a guided walk past historic guild houses and emblematic churches.

Swiss Travel Pass

With the Swiss Travel Pass, passengers can take any high-speed train services, regional trains or boats that are operated under either SBB/CFF/FFS, with boat operators BSG/BSB/CGN/LNM/SGV/URh/ZSG, and BLS Lake Cruises.

Swiss Travel Pass
Credits: Klook

Swiss Travel Pass holders are entitled to travel free for:

  • Train, buses, trams, boats
  • Premium panoramic trains (seat reservation fees apply)
  • Scenic routes
  • Public waterway services
  • Public transport in more than 90 towns & cities
  • 25-50% off for Mountain excursions (Except Mount Rigi, CabriO Stanserhorn – Cable Car, and Stoos which are free of charge)

Popular routes for Swiss Trains destinations in Switzerland include Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Geneva, Interlaken and Lausanne. Check the below page and get more detailed information: Swiss Travel Pass.

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