My air travel experience

Time: 5 days, 7 hours and 55 minutes

It seems that I have spent a lot of time in the air in 2018. Do I fly a lot? What is my air travel experience?  Let’s put this in perspective with a crew member who flies an average of 900 hours per year. In this comparison, my 128 hours does not look so impressive. However, considering that I am not a crew member – I conclude that I am spending quite a lot of time in the air.

My air travel experience.  Statistics 2018 in numbers

  • distance – how many kilometres I have travelled by plane – almost 65’900 km
  • how the distance I flew can be compared to a flight around the earth – I circled it over 1.6 times
  • how the distance I flew can be compared to the distance from Earth to the moon – 0.1171. (Well, there is still a long way ahead of me).
  • shortest flight: in Turkey on the route Istanbul – Izmir (322 km)
  • longest flight: on the route from Munich in Germany to Porto in Portugal (1791 km)
  • the most northern airport: Moscow Sheremetyevo, Russia
  • the southernmost airport: Izmir, Turkey
my air travel experience
my air travel statistics in 2018

My air travel experience. Where did I fly?

Countries I visited during this time (number of visits in brackets):

  • Belgium (15)
  • Turkey (7)
  • Germany (5)
  • Hungary (3)
  • Czech Republic (1)
  • United Kingdom (1)
  • Greece (1)
  • Portugal (1)
  • Romania (1)
  • Russia (1)

My air travel experience. Top aircraft types

The list of aeroplanes that I flew most often (in brackets the number of flights).

  • Boeing 737-800 (13)
  • Embraer 195 (13)
  • Dash 8 Q400 (7)
  • Embraer ERJ 175 (6)
  • Boeing 737 MAX 8 (6)

I will just add one comment from my side. Despite many delays in departures and arrivals, frequent and exhausting turbulences and long hours I have spent at airports – I still love to fly and I will never get bored of it.

My air travel experience. Through the plane window

Why aeroplane flying is so exciting? Despite the fact the final destination can bring you an amazing experience, I also consider that the travel itself can be amazing. As proof of my theory, please see how my “world” looks like through the aeroplane window.

Frequent flyer program – Miles & More

Where did all this data come from? A few years ago, I joined the Miles & More program, as a frequent flyer – I am collecting miles for all my air travels. Miles & More is the largest traveller loyalty program in Europe, and LOT, Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa (those airlines I use the most frequently) are both parts of it. The awarded miles can be exchanged later for rewards. You can also exchange them for air tickets, hotel reservations or car rentals.

You can read more about the Miles & More program directly on the website. However, this post is not about airline frequent flyer programs, so I will no longer continue this topic. I will just add that I like to analyze my travel statistics (maybe, because I like numbers and statistics 😊), so I am thrilled that my Miles & More program keeps collecting them and making them available for review.

My air travel experience through my photographs

My travel statistics can help to understand the number of photos that I uploaded to social media at that time (over 250 posts). Interestingly, despite many foreign trips that I took at that time (10 countries), from my highest-rated photos in 2018 – 8 out of 9 were taken in ….. Warsaw is my hometown. What does it mean? This only proves that to make an interesting picture – you do not have to travel to the other side of the world. Sometimes you just need to leave your house and look around you. Your inspiration for making an interesting photo can be everywhere.

My air travel experienceThis doesn’t mean, however, that in 2019 I am not going to travel further. On the contrary! This year, there is a faraway journey already planned by me (!!!), about which I will write more soon.

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