PlanMyTravels – beginning

As always in similar situations, the most difficult part is to start. What should I write to keep the attention of my readers high and make them read until the end? How to present me and not be boring to others? How to interest others, intrigue them and infect with my passion?

Maybe I should make a long story short?

Travelling around the world, planning travels, enjoying travels and making pictures – stays with me for a long time. This has started when I was trying to find the answer: what should I do with myself after high school? At that moment, the best idea was to go to post-high school and study “Hotel and Tourism”. After that I did my bachelor’s degree from “Tourism Management” and after – master’s degree at Warsaw’s University from the “Geography of economics”. After that, for a few years, I was working in a travel agency that was focusing on educational travels (foreign language courses abroad). That job experience had the biggest impact on my emotions and dreams about faraway travels. I think that was the moment when I wanted to enjoy visiting new places, new cultures, new habits and languages. That was the moment when I wanted to be a TOURIST myself, not the one who sells tourism to the others.

Where did it start?

Since that moment when I wanted to see the world many years has passed. In the meantime, I was lucky to work for the companies where part of my duties was to travel abroad. Those experiences gave me confidence, showed me how beautiful the world may look like from the aeroplane window perspective, and how we are different from our close neighbours and how we are like the people living at the end of the hemisphere. Due to those business trips, I wanted to go back to the same places with my husband and then I wanted to explore with him new places and meet new cultures.

Why blog about travels?

I like to tell stories about those places I have already seen or about places where I plan to go. In my life, there are 3 passions, and it seems to me that by writing a blog I could catch them all and let them flow.

  • I love travels

To plan them with a guide in my hands and a map on my knees, looking for attractive prices for flights/transport and beautifully situated hotels. I love to experience travelling with my husband, to get to know the local culture, customs, cuisine, architecture, nature and people. Therefore, this blog will be about my travels because I love to talk about them and infect others with positive emotions and the desire to see the world.

  • I do love photography

I do not know much about it, and I can’t make perfect pictures. Also, I do not have good equipment, but I love to take pictures. I shoot mostly nature, architecture and animals. On my blog, you will not miss photo stories. I will show my pictures not counting on their professional assessment, but it is to convey my emotions and show the beauty of places that impressed me., bog, travel blog, PlanMyTravels - beginning

  • I do love writing and telling stories

In the past I was writing long stories at school, diaries and long letters to my beloved one. Today, every day I write only long emails, but I feel an insatiable hunger for transferring thoughts on a computer screen. Hence the idea for the blog.

Who am I?

Every day I belong to the “Corporate World”. I work in an international company – therefore I spend at work long hours. When I am not working in my office, either I am sitting at the airport (on the plane, on the train or in a taxi), or working in my office abroad, or just I pack/unpack my suitcase. In general: I am always somewhere else. I am constantly on the road or on trips. A small suitcase is always by my bed, packed with the second set of my cosmetics as I do not want to waste my time completing them biweekly. I spend long nights in hotels abroad, where I think that again, I’m not at home, and being at home I think about that next trip ahead of me. That all makes me feel hunger to travel, either in business or in private. If I do not plan any travels, I am not myself. I am constantly thinking about discovering new places and having new adventures.

And that’s enough of the reasons for the creation of this blog, about who I am and what makes me positively crazy.

Our travel style

I encourage you to discover new places with me and my husband. I hope my descriptions and photo stories will encourage you also to travel around the world and discover new places. Also, I encourage you to explore both places loved ones (those that we have right next to our doors and you can visit them during the weekend) and those distant ones, which require a longer time for preparation and money.

My husband and I like to travel in the comfort zone: rather with a suitcase, not a backpack, sleeping in a hotel and not a motel, take the train with reserved seats instead of standing in the hallway. Youthful adventures we did in the past as well: sleeping in a tent, the campsite or in youth hostels. We have been travelling through Europe by hitchhiking or by cheap coach. We experienced trips such as “last minute”, we have booked economic flights and “all-inclusive” holidays, to save money and relax by doing nothing.

Today, with our experience and various ailments of the body – comfort is very important to us, but that still does not mean sleeping in a 5-star hotel or flying with the first-class tariffs. Today we want to shape our own itinerary, in the era of the Internet, and many websites with the possibility of direct bookings and prepaying (hotels, flights, transfers, entrance fees, restaurants and insurance) – everything is much easier and more accessible than in the past. That is why the tours I will describe on my blog – I have planned and organized myself only. You will not find them on pages of travel agencies, because they are copyright and “tailor-made” to answer our needs, our expectations, interests and financial capabilities.

PlanMyTravels – beginning

To conclude this lengthy introduction: I wish myself fantastic trips, great emotional experiences, a lot of wonderful pictures and free time …. to be able to share all of them on this blog. I wish You to be inspired by my descriptions so that you can benefit from my experience and my ideas. I hope that in the future, this blog will turn into a platform where we will be able together to share our experiences and give each other some advice. It’s all still ahead of me, but I can see the direction in which I want to go.
Thank you that you have arrived to this place, and I invite you to read my further stories.

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